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"Asaasaa" as a philosophy for choreographing stems from its vernacular meaning. In Akan, Asasa, Nsesawa, or Asasaba denotes patched work. Patched work or applique has been in existence for decades. Painters, Dressmakers and photographers have used this technique to produce some amazing artworks. Asaasaa is a fusion of indigenous and modern dance styles which tell tales and communicate different ideas. Each dance piece stands on its own and the transitions which include poetry and musicals provided the sense of a total theatrical performance. As a young filmmaker, my work was to weave together the pieces as the title suggest through my dream of imagery in a perspective viewers will gel, accept, be entertained and educated through the lens of an artist.

Accra, Ghana
A confident, resourceful and innovative person with broad work experience in film and media. Co produced, planned, budgeted, and exhibited several film projects including feature films, short films, and documentaries. As a filmmaker, I'm also a team player, capable of achieving results with available resources. more...

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