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In the car-dependent, cul-de-sac-filled, commuter towns of Western New York, residents carry out their day-to-day lives with few questions asked. Apples to Oranges provocatively raises the question, “Whose dream are we living in?”. Through the interplay of narration sourced from a 1957 Redbook promotional film, this avant-garde documentary reveals the ghostly and delightfully satirical idiosyncrasies of suburbia, from childless playgrounds to barren shopping malls. The absence of youth culture permeates the environment, illuminating the realization that the suburbs were fashioned for generations of the past.

Trisha Pickelhaupt (she/her) is a multidisciplinary filmmaker who approaches her work with a dedication to curiosity, quality, and collaboration. She has experience in both news/documentary and editorial environments. Trish specializes in video + audio capture, directing, producing, editing, and creative direction. more...

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