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A cathartic self-portrait on the beauty and loss of growing up and accepting your authentic self. The film consists of an accumulation of home video and the filmmaker’s early work from ten years ago. It is a meditation on how filmmaking is a source of solace. She grieves her mom turning into someone she does not recognize due to mental health and her mother's loss.

This film is dedicated to those who are hurting and grieving their past selves. It’s a reminder to be gentle with ourselves, find your inner strength, and love yourself fully each and every day.

Bridget Johnson (she/her) is an award-winning Chicago-based Writer/Director who started her production company, Dare to Dream Productions, at only seventeen years old. She specializes in creating thought-provoking and inclusive films that inspire audiences to follow their dreams and ask life's biggest questions. Currently, she is working on her first feature film, Breaking the Barrier chronicling a group of non-traditional skaters designing and building Chicago's first non-traditional public mobile skatepark during the global pandemic. Her films have been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the AMC Theater in Times Square. In her free time, you can catch her skating down Chicago streets, reading tarot at a cafe, or visiting haunted houses for a script and praying to not get possessed. Join her adventures on her Instagram. more...

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