ron reid jr


Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

I'm a filmmaker that is from Canada but trained in Los Angeles in film writing. I am a DIY filmmaker often learning in the thick of things. Out of which I have gained 14+ awards working on other projects as well as a few awards for a short I wrote and filmed in Toronto, Other films started in Toronto, filmed in London and Amsterdam have gone onto other festivals around the world. I picked up steam starting with acting to fund my Doc hunger that resulted in 4 features and 25+ shorts and 150 K views on Youtube. But I am still learning and still collaborating with others mostly in Tokyo unless I am back stateside or in Canada. I I have 2 shorts (mostly on SCI-FI from Human trafficking to AI tech as my core subjects) they are both in post. I have a started podcast on everything in Japan and am working on a pilot on a SCI-FI bank-heist. Very nice to meet you.