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Philip just sucks at interviews. He goes to blow off some steam and think of his next plan until he bumps into a couple that mistake his words for an insult. But instead of things getting out of control, Philip turns it around and impress the couple, enough that they invite him out. He soon finds he will be tested, but will he be ready when fate calls?

Tokyo, Japan
I'm a filmmaker that is from Canada but trained in Los Angeles in film writing. I am a DIY filmmaker often learning in the thick of things. Out of which I have gained 14+ awards working on other projects as well as a few awards for a short I wrote and filmed in Toronto, Other films started in Toronto, filmed in London and Amsterdam have gone onto other festivals around the world. I picked up steam starting with acting to fund my Doc hunger that resulted in 4 features and 25+ shorts and 150 K views on Youtube. But I am still learning and still collaborating with others mostly in Tokyo unless I am back stateside or in Canada. I I have 2 shorts (mostly on SCI-FI from Human trafficking to AI tech as my core subjects) they are both in post. I have a started podcast on everything in Japan and am working on a pilot on a SCI-FI bank-heist. Very nice to meet you. more...

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