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Philip just sucks at interviews. He goes to blow off some steam and think of his next plan until he bumps into a couple that mistake his words for an insult. But instead of things getting out of control, Philip turns it around and impress the couple, enough that they invite him out. He soon finds he will be tested, but will he be ready when fate calls?

Tokyo, Japan
Writing is life and life is writing! I have been blessed to be able to part of teams to see my vision and the visions of others come to life. With a vision to create I borrowed cameras to finish my projects until I was able to get a big break with a role in a commercial that aired at the world series, even-though I am from Canada. It was surreal because it helped me buy my first camera, no more signing cameras out. I took a trip to LA to train with Creative Writing and Pilar and other trainers of writers LA. And it became one of many I shot a short promo for one of my sci-fi shorts. I have been determined to go every summer and fall for 4-5 years of training in person with those that make films and TV. I have seen from William Goldberg to writers from PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN. Volunteering for short films and working for features at production offices have helped me get better with over 1000+ hours experience. It has helped me learn more on writing; how to produce, how to direct better and even edit some of my projects. I like being a self-starter while waiting on my writing. I was able to take ideas and produce them quickly. And that has lead me to shooting over 20 short documentaries and 4 features. Two of my biggest influences recently would be DON'T BREATH and GET OUT for breaking new ground in film-making. As a filmmaker and writer of color this is important to always be telling stories from new points of view. But collaborating with others is the only way to get things done. I have shared in 15+ awards from documentaries to Blockbusters in India- KAL HO NAA HO and being an actor for THE WALKING DEAD in Asia. Even from here in Asia, I have been able to have over 70K views of projects I have shot, edit or collaborated with on social media. There is always more to do, shoot and learn. While in Asia, I have been able to keep creative, making a network and doing my best to bring visions to the page and on the screen where possible. If I was blessed to be part of this program I would work just as hard only I would have the means and to do so on a professional level. more...

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