Tom McPhee


Austin, Texas, United States

I am a story-teller, I create original filmed stories as they relate to human animal interaction. I am Executive Director of the World Animal Awareness Society, an award winning producer & director of film, TV, and multi-language interactive media, and I own 2 media companies, Cave Studio and Man Smiling Moving Pictures. I have a passion for surrounding myself with people and tools that help me unlock and better understand life's mysteries. I am releasing the feature doc, RUFF LIFE for the 2020 TV season. I served as Show-runner and Host-Character for two animal centric TV shows broadcast in Canada on the now defunct Toronto based Stornoway Communication's "The i-Channel" and their specialty niche, "Pet Network" (Tom McPhee's Rescue Journal and Rock & Roll Dogs in 2009). I produced, directed and was principal creative force behind the multi award-winning documentary, An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! (2008) chronicling the animal rescue efforts post Hurricane Katrina, with footage shot in New Orleans becoming part of a NatGeo, PBS Nature, and 2 Animal Planet specials in 2005. I created and produced FLIXTOUR, the premier, nationally sponsored, college targeted, indie film tour - in the mid thru late 90's, lauded by indiewire, MovieMaker, Filmmaker and MovieLine magazines as the next 'thing' with sponsors as diverse as Pelle Pelle & Discover. FLIXTOUR achieved memorable successes, including launching indie icon Kevin Smith's ongoing & highly successful college speaking series, and more serendipitously, helping launch the comedy directing career of then almost broke Paul Feig (Freaks & Geeks. Bridesmaids, SPY). Paul wrote F&G while presenting his film on FLIXTOUR in 1998.