Ivy Nicole-Jonét

Documentarian | Animator | Experimental Filmmaker | Afrofuturist

Durham, North Carolina, United States

Ivy Nicole-Jonét was born and raised in Southeast Washington, DC. Experiencing the gentrification that invaded the city, Ivy has first-hand experience in the ways gentrification profoundly disrupts, disregards, and dishevels Black communities. This experience inspired her to delve into documentary filming and animation as a medium for expression, preservation, and documentation. Ivy Nicole-Jonét essentially works in the digital media form to create pieces that challenge the norm and narrative as an artist. These same pieces also work to document the narratives that have been silenced or disregarded. Working as a documentarian and artist, I connect to much of the stories that I showcase. Having studied at the University of Pennsylvania in Fine Arts with a concentration in Animation and Film/Video Production, Ivy Nicole-Jonét's work is centered around the medium of animation, film, and archival footage. Ivy continues her studies through the MFA Program in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke Univesity; her current artworks are centered around an immersive, documentary experience that celebrates Black Womxn by bridging archival footage, animation, and documentary.