Emma Josephson

Writer, Director & Editor

Portland, Oregon, United States

Emma Josephson is an emerging screenwriter and director based in Portland Oregon. Much of her inspiration comes from flipping the mundane and sometimes difficult parts of reality on its head. Before putting pencil to paper, she asks a lot of "what if" questions. Emma likes to focus on the strange, bold, and inspiring parts of people and the unique worlds they navigate. Emma began her career making award-winning student films. Since then, she’s gained experience working on independent productions and commercials, and music videos. Her screenwriting has been nominated for a Student Emmy and she has received awards and scholarships for being an “Outstanding Filmmaker” at Portland State. Emma’s films have received support through Boyish Media, OMPA, Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC), and Koerner Camera. She is currently working on a variety of passion projects while freelancing as a video editor for creative agencies.