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The narrative is set fifteen years in the future when jobs are harder to find conveniently located to your family and schools often shut down because of under-funding. Many of the issues we see in our world today are amplified. In this world, it’s normal for parents to commute hours into the city to not only work, but to buy any groceries or resources they need at high costs. The state of the world leaves the two main characters, Ryland (14) and Aiden (8) alone to fend for themselves, and daydream about a better life.

Portland, OR, USA
Emma is an imaginative fiction and non-fiction filmmaker who brings ambitious energy to any project. She has a diverse background in the world of film and media. Her work reflects issues in the world I am most passionate about. Emma is going into her senior year at Portland State University and will be completing a degree in Film and Spanish. In her final year, she will be releasing a short film "63 Miles Away" and completing a feature-length film "Fencesitters" to be sent out to festivals by the time graduation comes around! more...

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