Dean Laplonge

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

It took Dean three decades to enrol in a screenwriting course at UCLA. He always planned to. He was just too busy. He has published short stories in anthologies, written and staged theater plays, and worked globally in international development. Now, he is completing a certificate in Feature Film Writing and is working on three screenplays. Becoming Mishima is a psychological thriller set in Japan, where a foreign teacher forms a dangerous bond with a manipulative student. Firstborn is the horror story of a father who refuses to believe his son is being possessed by an evil spirit. In The Great Reversal, the government and a group of underground Dissenters battle to hunt down violent criminals who have been relocated from the past into the present and given new identities. Dean has completed two postgraduate degrees in theater studies and in peace studies, a Bachelors in Chinese and Japanese, and a doctorate in women’s studies. As a writer and researcher, he has an obsessive interest in exploring gender relationships and behaviors. His most recent book is called SMASHING IT – a collection of conversations with influential women living on Cape Breton Island in Canada. Dean lives in Nova Scotia with his partner and their two dogs.