Amarik Singh Khosa

Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Amarik Singh Khosa is a Chinese writer-director born into an Indian body. Growing up with a Sikh family deeply entrenched in Hong Kong across three generations, Khosa counts Cantonese among his first languages, and is passionate about unearthing the experience of under-represented Indian and Chinese diaspora groups all over the world. As the son of a former organized crime detective, Khosa is interested in telling stories that tackle the intersections between police, identity, and crime. Prior to film, Amarik spent 4 years moonlighting as a wall street investment banker with Morgan Stanley, advising Fortune 500 companies on deals totalling US$13 billion. In parallel, Khosa continued pursuing his passion for film and made his first short (Red Rain) on 35mm. He is an alumnus of UC Berkeley, and is enrolled in the MFA programme at USC's School of Cinematic Arts.