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Hong Kong in 2044. Lee Ching-Kwan is a disturbed taxi driver who spends his nights drifting through Hong Kong’s neon cityscape. Having grown up in the historic Walled Villages, and watched Hong Kong crumble over years of looming political instability, Lee holds onto memories from a bygone era and feels detached from the changing world around him. Shortly before the political transition to Mainland Chinese rule in 2047, a foreign conglomerate plans to redevelop the Walled Villages. Lee is haunted by violent fever dreams, and is driven to commit a murder in hopes of saving his home.

A third-generation Indian born and raised in Hong Kong, Amarik Singh Khosa is a fluent speaker of Cantonese, Mandarin, and Hindi. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a double major in Film and Economics. Amarik grew up loving cinema from a young age while discovering DVDs of classic Hong Kong crime films with his father - a former Senior Detective with Hong Kong's Anti-Triad Police. Though he grew up making films in school, Amarik took a detour and spent 4 years as a Wall Street investment banker. While at Morgan Stanley, Amarik executed over $13 billion of mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, debt refinancings. In parallel, he used his spare time to write, direct, and produce his first short film (Red Rain) on 35mm. Most recently, he left corporate finance to pursue filmmaking at USC's School of Cinematic Arts. Amarik is interested in unearthing the experience of under-represented Indian and Chinese minority groups - telling stories of their lives through the contexts of police, crime, religion, and beyond. more...

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