General Questions

What is Sundance Collab? How is it affiliated with Sundance Institute?

Sundance Collab is our digital platform for creators around the globe to learn, share, and connect. It advances Sundance Institute’s mission to discover, support, and inspire independent artists, by creating a digital community that amplifies independent voices, wherever they are in the world, at whatever stage they are in their career.

If I’m a member of Sundance, am I already registered for Sundance Collab?

No. At this time, being a part of the Sundance Collab community is separate from your Sundance Institute Membership. If you are looking for information on becoming a Sundance Institute Member, please visit Sundance.org/membership.

What is a Sundance Collab Advisor-in-Residence?

Sundance Collab Advisors-in-Residence are trusted members of the Sundance community who have experience in their creative or industry practice and have generously offered to support other creative voices who are developing their craft or new work. Many of our Sundance Collab Advisors-in-Residence are alumni of the Sundance Labs and Festival and will bring their expertise and meaningful feedback to participants in the Sundance Collab community.

How can Sundance Collab help me start my career?

As a community for learning, sharing work, and connecting to a community, there are multiple ways Sundance Collab can help a creator starting their career. Our robust and growing video library and curated resources are useful for learning the art, craft, and business of making films and creating in other forms. Monthly online events and Master Classes featuring industry leaders can also help you develop your craft and work.

Our Monthly Challenge is useful for seeing how other people are tackling the same concept, which can be inspiring and an opportunity to think differently about your work.

If you’re looking for more direct, hands-on experience, we offer 8- and 9-week interactive, online courses that will place you in a live, digital classroom with industry experts. (Recordings are made available for those who can’t make it to the live session or want to review sessions.) An application must be submitted to participate and course fees apply. A limited number of need-based scholarships are offered. (Scholarship application details can be found on every course description page.)

If you are a Creator+ or Course Pass Member, you can post your work-in-progress to the Share Your Work section of the site and get feedback from our Artist-in-Residence and community to help you in further developing your project. You will also be eligible to join Office Hours moderated by our Artist-in-Residence to get your questions answered.

By participating in some or all of these offerings, you have the opportunity to gain valuable insight and make meaningful connections with other creators.

Are live Sundance Collab events recorded for later viewing?

Yes, every event is recorded. Event recordings are available the next day on the event page. Master Class recordings are available to all members for 48 hours after the event recording is posted.; after that period, the recording is available on demand to our Creator+ and Course Pass members.

Does my work submitted to Sundance Collab, on the site or in courses, get submitted to the Sundance Film Festival?

No. Work submitted to the Sundance Collab site or in courses will not be submitted to the Festival. You are welcome to submit any work you would like to be considered by the Festival by going to Sundance.org/festival. It’s important to note that being a Sundance Collab member does not afford any advantages to selection, as there is a separate team that programs films for the Festival.


Do I have to pay to join Sundance Collab?

You do not need to pay to join Sundance Collab. Everyone is welcome to join Sundance Collab as a free Community member to:

  • Participate in monthly live, online Master Class;
  • Watch our learning videos;
  • View our Learning Pathways;
  • Access our curated resources and opportunities;
  • Join our public online events; and
  • Enter our Monthly Challenge
I’d like to be more involved. What are the Sundance Collab membership options?

If you’d like a deeper engagement, Sundance Collab Creator+ membership is available through a monthly ($10/month) or annual ($99/year) payment. Creator+ members can:

  • Join post-event community breakout sessions;
  • Get exclusive invitations to Collab Connect networking sessions and Sundance Insider sessions with Institute program staff;
  • Schedule office hours with a Sundance Advisor;
  • Join exclusive Q&A sessions with Sundance Advisors; 
  • Access to on-demand Master Classes; and
  • Receive lab application discounts

A Course Pass yearly membership ($795) is available for those seeking the highest level of engagement across Sundance Collab. Course Pass members receive all Community and Creator+ member benefits plus:

  • Free registration in all self-paced courses; 
  • Free registration in your first live, online course*; 
  • 50% discount on all subsequent live, online courses*; and  
  • Final Draft screenwriting software.

    (* Space is limited; acceptance into any course is based on eligibility requirements and at the discretion of the Sundance Collab team. Course Pass discounts can’t be combined with course scholarships. See our Terms of Use for more details.)

    Can I cancel or change my plan at any time?

    Yes, you can choose to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership plan at any time. (Please note that we cannot provide partial refunds for annual memberships if they are canceled before their end date.) When you are logged in, simply select the “change your plan” button next to the profile icon in the top right corner of your screen to view all of the options available to you.

    To cancel your membership, please go to “Purchases” from the drop-down menu under the profile icon on the top right corner of your screen. Select the “Cancel” button next to your subscription. The “Cancel” button will disappear as confirmation of your selection

    How does a free trial period work?

    Some special offers for Creator+ membership may include a free trial period. You will be required to enter a credit card to open your account, but it will not be billed for membership until your free trial period is over.

    Cancel your membership at any time before the end of the free trial period and your credit card will not be billed.

    During the free trial period, you will be able to experience all Creator+ member benefits on the site. We will send you a reminder email three (3) days before the end of your free trial period.


    What does it mean to be a member of the community?

    Being a member of the community will hold unique meaning for everyone, but at its heart, we encourage each person to give as generously as they receive. This means committing to giving thoughtful feedback on works in progress and in discussions, while also remaining open to new ideas. Together, we are building a global community for all participants to grow personally and professionally. Please read our Community Agreement for more information.

    If you believe that someone is not upholding their commitment to these values in any shared work, videos, or discussions, we encourage you to email collabsupport@sundance.org.

    Can I submit my work for feedback from the community?

    Absolutely! We encourage everyone in the community to submit their work in progress for feedback from the community in our “Share Your Work” section. We like to remind everyone that giving thoughtful feedback to others is just as important and valuable as receiving feedback.

    What is the prize for a winning Monthly Challenge entry?

    Our Monthly Challenge is open to all members of the Sundance Collab community. The winner of the Monthly Challenge will receive a one-year Creator+ membership, a one-on-one online mentoring session with a Sundance Collab Advisor, promotion of the winning entry on Sundance Collab, and Final Draft screenwriting software. Two runners-up will also be selected to receive an annual Sundance Collab Creator+ membership.  


    Can anyone apply for the online courses?

    Yes. All members of the Sundance Collab community are welcome to apply for online courses. Please review the course description and any eligibility requirements to ensure the course is a good fit. If you have any questions about a course, please email collab_courses@sundance.org

    How do I apply for the online courses?

    Visit the online Courses section to view available classes, eligibility requirements and to submit your application. (Each course has an application deadline, so please check the date and time to ensure you don’t miss the cut-off.) If the application window is open, you will see an “Apply Now” button on the course page.

    We send our application acceptance notifications on a rolling basis, starting after the application deadline. You will be notified of your acceptance status no later than five days before the first day of the course.

    Can I apply for a course with a creative partner?

    Yes, we welcome creative partners in our courses. A partner can join at 50% off of the course price. Both partners must complete and submit a course application and meet eligibility requirements to be considered for the course.

    How do you select participants for online courses?

    When reviewing applications, the Sundance Collab team evaluates the needs and expectations of each applicant, the status of their project, and the work sample or thoughtful description of the idea they want to develop. We are also looking to convene a diverse group of participants who will work well together and support each other throughout the online course. Finally, we will confirm that the applicant can meet the time commitment necessary and has a strong interest and readiness to complete the course and meaningfully contribute to the group process.

    Do you offer scholarships for individual courses?

    Yes, we offer need-based scholarships to individual courses. (Please note that Course Pass members are not eligible for individual course scholarships.) These can be full or partial scholarships. Scholarships are limited to one per person per year (from the date of issue). Information about applying for a scholarship can be found on each course page.

    Can I still take a course if I can't attend class sessions live?

    Yes, you are welcome to take a live, online course even if you can’t make the live sessions. Recordings of each class session are available online by the following day so you can keep up with the course lectures. The final one-on-one meeting with your advisor is scheduled according to your (and their) availability. There is also a private class discussion board where you can communicate with fellow participants outside of class hours.

    We also offer self-paced courses for individuals seeking greater flexibility in scheduling. These courses cover the same material as the live, online courses. Sundance Collab’s self-paced courses are unique in that they provide flexibility to complete the work on your own time, but also within a structured timeline that helps you to advance your project. You will travel through the course with a cohort of screenwriters like yourself and are given assignments with due dates during key weeks of the course.

    How long will I have access to course recordings?

    Course recordings are available to you for one year from the date of the final class session.


    What kind of technical setup do I need to use Sundance Collab?

    The site supports the following desktop, mobile operating systems, and web browser combinations:


    • Microsoft Windows
      • Chrome
      • Edge
      • Firefox
      • IE 11
    • Apple Macintosh
      • Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Safari

    Mobile Operating Systems and Browsers:

    • Apple iOS - Safari
    • Google Android - Chrome

    In all cases, Javascript and cookies must be enabled, and a suitable internet connection must be available.

    What kind of technical setup will I need to participate in a live, online course or online event?

    All of our live, online courses, Master Classes, and online events are conducted via Zoom. Please follow the instructions below to set up Zoom on your device:

    1. Join a test meeting from your computer or device you will be using during class by visiting: https://zoom.us/test 
    2. Click the “Join” button
    3. Download and install Zoom
    4. If Zoom doesn’t automatically start downloading, click the “download & run Zoom” link
    5. Once Zoom opens it will automatically take you into a test call, where you can test your audio and video

    Please update your Zoom software regularly.

    To participate in a Course, Master Class, or online event you can either join via Link:

    1. Click the Zoom link from the website or email, which will prompt to open the desktop Zoom client
    2. Zoom will open and the meeting will begin

    Or join via the Zoom App:

    1. Open the Zoom app
    2. Enter the Meeting ID (either the full URL or just the number)
    3. Ensure both options are unchecked (we want to be able to see and hear you!)
    4. If your name doesn’t appear automatically, enter it in the second field

    If you have any further questions, please email collabsupport@sundance.org.