About this submission

the way she fell apart is a visual poem that was written briefly after my diagnosis of bipolar depression disorder. The story (visually and textually) helps me make sense of this never-ending cycle I find myself in as an artist. Feeling as though I'm in a constant state of death and rebirth. This film also allows me to play with visuals that lend themselves to the horror genre.

Present stage of this work: Nearly final version

Jay Najeeah (she/they) is a freelance filmmaker, writer, dramaturg, and artist-activist hailing from Columbia, SC. Based in DC, their work is grounded in both Theatre of the Oppressed pedagogy and the principles of Black Feminism. A thesis candidate in Howard University’s MFA Film Program, Jay is committed to storytelling and uplifting the perspective of queer, southern, Black folk. Having a concentration in writing & directing, Jay’s grasp on cinematic language has allowed them the ability to play in the realm of dramatic, experimental, & magical realism. more...

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