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"budding" features a non-binary cast and crew and original music, telling the tale of a young, college-aged artist navigating their way through a new relationship and a tumultuous family situation after a premature college departure. The title, "budding," implies slow, early-stage growth with room to continue; they still have some work to do before they can reach full bloom, but the promise is definitely there. Not every story has a happy or sad ending.... sometimes it's bittersweet, and the moral of this story is to give people room to grow.

Present stage of this work: Nearly final version

Chicago, IL, USA
Jazz Echevarría is a filmmaker, actor, and editor originally from the southwest side of Chicago. Their work explores gender, relationships, and intrapersonal conflicts through queer characters of color. After studying cinematography and film production, Jazz moved back home to pursue a career in film production. Since then, Jazz has been involved in several projects including short films, documentaries, and web series. more...

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