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Growing up within an Asian family in Malaysia, death felt like a very taboo yet nonchalant topic. This film revolves around my personal experiences of coming to terms with human mortality and accepting the uncertainties that surround it. Similarly to Lianne, I set out to figure out my after-life plans only to realize that to understand death, I first had to be enamored with the beauty of life - making the most out of it with our loved ones. Thus, this story unfolds as a young adolescent’s first time truly grappling with the concept of death during their formative years.

Syuen Chia
Syuen is a Malaysian Writer/Director based in Los Angeles who enjoys exploring different mediums of filmmaking to portray the unique complexities in the worlds of everyday people from all over the world. In her work, she highlights the intimacy of human connection while shining light on the barriers that keep us apart. As she continues her lifelong journey with storytelling, she hopes to amplify underrepresented voices by bringing light to their stories, cause ripples of positive change, and have fun in the process of making art with her loved ones.

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