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Movies are dreams in broad daylight,
This is a new short film made about filmmaking and filmmakers,
what I have personally noticed is that each person right now is taking time taking breaks and isn't really having the best time of their lives.

people are looking to achieve the socially acceptable condition of happiness, and I know people who have that socially acceptable condition of happiness and still in trouble.

the world is now going back and coming in terms with the fact that, this is how my life is gonna be, back to social interactions and doing what your doing and no excuses. what they really probably want to hear is look at this, this is actualy so fun and amazing why are you always running away from it?
just do it and don't worry about it because when you look back its the friendships, fun, journeys, mishappenings that's gonna be on your mind not the achievments or petty papers or trophies. this is a movie intended to everyone who isn't feeling fine and to everyone who is. the excitement of a new phase of your life is present. while watching this movie people can put themselves into the characters any of them and relate to them for which we have created detailed elaborate characters to fit all types of people.

Film by Paarth


"making movies is like writing war and peace in an amusement park in a bumper car "
-Stanley Kubrick

To my viewers, causal and dedicated. I am Paarth, I am a filmmaker, entrepreneur, high school student. I personally like to think of film as a document of the human condition. I think if we all were a little bit more considerate, a little more humble and caring the world would be a much better place to live while we're at it, my films are trying to deliver this message. Film has the power to have aesthetic value yet deliver a message more...

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