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Deep in the Peruvian Andes, the Quechua indigenous community suffers at the hands of reckless globalization. Unregulated mining activities in the area have led to heavy metals contaminating the water relied upon to survive, resulting in sickness and death. Rivers that once flourished are now dry, and the natural beauty of the area has withered to dust.

An independent journalist named Vidal continuously risks his life to speak of this ongoing atrocity and the violations committed by the mining corporation, empowered by the questionable future of his family and home.

Giorgio Ghiotto is an Italian documentary filmmaker based in NYC, USA. He graduated from New York University, with a MA in journalism and documentary and he is very passionate about telling compelling stories around the globe. His main areas of focus are human rights violation, social and climate justice. He is driven by the idea that films can be a very powerful tool to raise awareness, inspire to appreciate the beauty of our planet, and enhance core values, such as inclusivity. more...

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