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To: you, to night is an experimental documentary a personal letter/postcard written by a Vietnamese immigrant. Situate in the Vancouver landscape and amidst dissonances of language and translation, the film reflects upon personal dislocation in relation to immigration, intergenerational trauma, gentrification, and colonialism. Made in response to and dedicated to 39 Vietnamese immigrants who passed away in a container on their way coming into England in November 2019, the film is a self-reflexive act of resistance, a quiet morn for the perpetuating dreams of generations of Vietnamese immigrants who lived and left their lives in between the mist of nights.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hân Phạm is an emerging Vietnamese documentary/ experimental filmmaker and artist from Saigon, Vietnam. Experimenting with film and sonic experience and their haptic time/space structure, she wishes to construct a collective healing space for minorities community through a storytelling tradition that is rooted in reimagination, conversations, and collaboration. Her works think through the ephemerality of memory, language and history in relation to the constantly changing landscapes, rooting in the inbetweeness of distance as space for reflection. Hân has exhibited at Vancouver International Film Festival, DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and Vines Arts Festival, as well as presenting her work in a year-long installation with grunt gallery and Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen in 2020-2021. more...

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