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Three filmmakers and an actress, opening up as human beings in front of a lens, they come from different backgrounds however they all share the age of 27.
The characters in this film have outgrown the Arab society and adopted a free state in which they don’t live upon the socially constructed norms.
In freeing their being, they experienced a glimpse of their true self, a glimpse of pure love.
To each their own view point of life, love and existence. To each their god.
You can call them outlaws, revolutionaries or whatever may fit into the acceptable labeling system.

-Assistant director, working in advertisements, plays, music videos and films. -Wrote & directed 4 short films: “A Woman of A Certain Age”, “Echoes”, “Raise Your Voice” and “There-Mawjoud”. -Programmer at Beirut Love Film Festival. more...

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