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Hi there. I was the "alumni of the week" last week, and was giving you all feedback. It seems like such a great forum, I figured I'd share a little something I wrote. This is a short film that seems too big to make as a short, so I've been trying to conceive of it as a feature. Could go in any direction. So I'm happy for general feedback but particularly interested in random ideas on how to expand it.

Mark Elijah Rosenberg is a film director, writer, editor and producer, and is the Founder and former Artistic Director of Rooftop Films. Mark’s feature film directorial debut, APPROACHING THE UNKNOWN, tells the story of a man alone on a one-way journey in space. The film stars Mark Strong and Luke Wilson and was theatrically distributed by Paramount Pictures in 2016, now available on iTunes and Amazon. The film was selected for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab and was given the NHK Screenwriting Award and the Indian Paintbrush Award. Mark directed, co-produced and created the story for YEAR MILLION, a six-hour fiction/documentary hybrid mini-series about the effects of technology on the future of humanity. The show aired on National Geographic in 2017. more...

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