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"The Trunk" is an ode to young Oscar. Film and sci-fi have always meant a lot to me. They made up my entire childhood. So, in August 2022, when I began planning "The Trunk," I only had one starting point: the film needed to be a sci-fi. Not just any sci-fi, but one that I would've watched growing up.

This idea was the heart of "The Trunk" from the start of production to the finish. It was the backbone of every decision we made. I think young Oscar would love the grimy grindhouse 16mm sci-fi flick his older self made.

Oscar Labovich is a 22 year-old filmmaker from San Francisco. While attending the University of Texas, Oscar wrote, directed, shot, and edited three award-winning 16mm short films. Oscar shoots exclusively on film because he loves the process of filmmaking just as much as the films themselves. more...

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