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The Toy Wrangler is the first screenplay/short I have written, it is very loosely based off a job I once had as a Product Wrangler for a toy advertising company. Julia is comfortable with being invisible, she is stuck in a job that seems to be heading nowhere, Julia makes a last ditch attempt to prove she is good enough to the people around her, but really she must prove it to herself.

Present stage of this work: First draft or cut

Originally from the UK, Holly started her career in the art world, studying photography and graphic design in Melbourne, Australia, which led to managing a gallery in Sydney, and later becoming a Director and Curator of her own art gallery back in her hometown of London. After moving to Los Angeles in 2017, she pivoted into the film industry and started art directing and production designing indie films and music videos, winning two awards. Now working as a director, Holly has directed multiple music videos and with a short in the works, shooting in 2024. more...

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