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Following the Iranian Revolution, Ehsan chases the American Dream in the neon streets of 1980 Miami. That is until he collides with a local mob boss who has more to hide than meets the eye – a secret that will violently exploit Ehsan’s longing for home.

Many Iranians chased a brighter future in America following the Iranian Revolution in 1979, but few were welcome here due to the politics of the Hostage Crisis at the time. This quickly created an issue with many Iranians who also struggled with the new obstacle that they would be unable to return to Iran due to the new government and subsequent political turmoil. That sense of longing for family, and the hostility of a new home in the US was the catalyst for telling this story. All the while aiming to be reminiscent of the American crime films I grew up watching while invoking the moods and colors of a Wong Kar-wai film.

Iranian-American filmmaker. more...

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