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This is my first attempt at any type of screenplay. I am glad the challenge asked for only 1 scene! Please forgive the formatting, I tried to get it as close as I could using Apple Pages (it came free with my mini Mac). I hope this does not disqualify me.

The scene is part of a Medieval Fantasy Adventure, our heroes have just been utterly defeated by a horde of evil creatures they only know as Shadows.

Thank you for taking the time to read it, please feel free to leave any Feedback.

J.P. Butler

I enjoy Content Marketing for Small Business and Lean Manufacturing - Trying to find a way to bring both to my Filmmaking. On and off through my life I have made films, since my first Panasonic VHS Camcorder in 1987 (I used this, a VCR, and a Sony Disc Man to edit my films and add a soundtrack). I so enjoy this digital age, so many companies are giving power to the people to create! more...

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