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An esteemed European-born male professor battles his ego, confronts his career, and engages with a rebellious feminist former student in the days leading up to his retirement from the University of Hawaii. As the two fumble toward some kind of intimacy, they must triumph over their historic animosities. Fireworks of gender, power, Marxism and indigenous culture raise the stakes toward denouement - and a final catharsis.

Honolulu, HI, USA
Feminist political theorist/activist . Journalist, playwright - studying screenwriting. Craft, structure, film as empathy machine. Love indies & French films. Want to tell difficult stories of multicultural pleasures & dangers in Islands. Cuaron’s ROMA my template of a powerfully political film with no didacticism. Character-driven stories in a chaotic world. Wanting to navigate our current brave new world across race, gender, class, ecological, sexualities, ableism -to come out on the other side with a transformative & still sassy Democratic polity. more...

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