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A widow's world is turned upside down as she experiences mysterious events upon lighting her late husband's candle that was created from his DNA.

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Samara is a Palestinian/Jordanian filmmaker who had a dream of studying filmmaking after school. However, in Jordan, there were no film schools at that time, and it was difficult for him and his family to afford studying abroad. Choosing a career in the media industry was seen as different, but Samara's love for filmmaking never changed. This marked the start of his passion for filmmaking. Over ten years, he learned how to tell stories by himself, with the support of friends and passionate people in the small film industry in Jordan. During that time he gained so many different experiences, as he had to wear many hats. He edited most of his work and taught editing. That gave him the ability to even be a better director and storyteller. He worked on music videos, commercials, awareness campaigns, and films. Writing also helped him learn different ways to create stories. His goal is to showcase the richness of mythologies and folktales from the Arabic world within the global film industry, aiming to promote their cultural significance and captivating narratives to a broader audience. more...

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