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The darkness within is a frightening place. To explore "The Root" of our darkness, of our issues is a task that is needed; yet, most do not accomplish or attempt. This is a story of the stages of grief, but can be interpreted for any trauma, depression, anxiety or other burdens we shoulder as human beings. Working through the darkness and the resolutions that come through doing so.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sean Alan Stone born in Texas in the middle of everywhere. Having family from India, Ireland, Guyana, Canada, and the USA made for a wide lens through which to view the world. Heavily influencing his view of the connection we share as human beings. He’s worked as a mechanic, farmer, home renovator, bee keeper, welder, garment repair technician, writer, actor, and filmmaker. He has an AFA in Acting from KD Conservatory & is best known for his role as Louis on AMC's The Son, starring Pierce Brosnan. more...

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