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Everyone lies. Whether it is subconscious or conscious, a white lie or an elaborate scheme, we are all liars. What I found most intriguing is why people lie. What emotions come out of lying? I wrote the protagonist, Charlie, to be a morally bankrupt character. He is an unreliable narrator who masks his emotions with a facade of apathy and self-confidence. Throughout the duration of the story we come to understand Charlie’s mistakes. We see that Charlie is just as insecure and unsure of himself as everyone else. Ultimately, we root for him because everyone deserves a second chance.

Corinne Langmuir
Corinne Langmuir is a Taiwanese-Canadian filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada. With a strong passion for the arts, her interest in media has become a vehicle for self-expression. Langmuir’s past work has been in experimental dance film: co-creating two shorts, “Zì Jǐ” (2020) and “Something To Forget Me By” (2022), which have gone on to screen at international festivals. The latter film won the 2022 Audience Choice Award at F-O-R-M (Festival of Recorded Movement). Transitioning from dance film, Langmuir has now delved into the captivating realm of narrative filmmaking. Her current work examines impermanence and the parameters of personal agency. Langmuir's debut solo-directed short film, "The Official Guidebook To Lying," marks the inception of an exciting journey with more captivating creations to come.

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