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Despite being forbidden to hunt because it’s a “man’s sport,” resilient 16-year-old Betty Rigg defies tradition and sneaks into the tangled forest before sunup on the opening morning of her family’s deer hunt. She is found by Tom, her twin—this is Tom’s first hunt, and he’s expected to bring back a kill. But unlike Betty, he hates hunting, grappling between this and desire for his family’s acceptance. Stuck together in the narrow hunting blind, Tom and Betty wait for a deer. All the while, one question looms...if a deer comes, who will take the shot?

Elizabeth MacCarrig Dunn is a screenwriter and director born and raised at the Jersey Shore. She earned her Master of Fine Arts in Film with Distinction from ArtCenter College of Design at just 19 years of age, and earned her bachelor’s in Radio, TV & Film with highest honors from Rowan University at 16. Elizabeth’s incredibly unique life experiences have grown her into a standout and transformative storyteller, able to speak to the pulse of America’s youth. She writes dramatic, character-driven narratives taking place in immersive, unseen settings and time periods. Her work includes Glassboro: The Beginnings, a historical short documentary that premiered at the CUT International Film Festival, and her newly released thesis short film, The Hunt, which is currently on the festival circuit. Elizabeth is also a published co-author of the children’s book MacCarrig. A Woman in Film fellow, Elizabeth currently resides in Los Angeles, spending her free time watching period dramas or playing classical piano. more...

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