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There is more to Asian culture than just kung fu. There is also… hopping vampires. I have loved the idea of hopping vampires ever since I saw the quintessential jiang shi movie “Mr. Vampire” as a child. With this film, I wanted to bring my own jiang shi story to life while paying tribute the two filmmakers who have influenced me the most: the legendary Sammo Hung and the Master of Terror John Carpenter. And like I told my last wife, I says, “Honey, I never drive faster than I can see. Besides that, it’s all in the reflexes.”

Writer/Director Jimmy Lui works as a stunt coordinator and fight choreographer. In addition, he was a co-writer on Keanu Reeves's directorial debut Man of Tai Chi

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Career goals: To write and direct my own films. Work Experience: 18 years as a fight choreographer including choreographing for Jackie Chan 6 years as a stunt coordinator Co-writer on Keanu Reeves's Man of Tai Chi more...

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