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Sometimes life gives you a call, maybe it will ring or maybe it will vibrate, it can be anything, neither that nor its intensity is ever under your control.
All you can do is let it walk away & live in the past, or take "The Call" & live your life to its fullest.
This was the thing which I noticed when I was entering into my 20s & found this to be very inspiring & choose to tell this story in every way possible. for everyone out there

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Mohan Singh Gaharwar is a filmmaker based in Indore, India. Mohan works as a Writer, Director, Editor & some other non-notable works in his films & has started all this back with just a smartphone & got himself an "International Award" at Tiff & wants to add more awards in his cart which will help him in making his feature one day. Currently, for income, he works in a call center & this also gives him an opportunity to wear a producer hat too. He also has an independent film production under his belt called "Rather Other Guys more...

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