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Small-town Indiana parents Tom and Tina Felter and their 25-year-old daughter Emily, who happens to have Down syndrome, set out to educate first responders and the greater community about how to communicate with individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities in a presentation called “The Emily Talk.”

This is a fundraising sample I have put together. This sample introduces viewers to Emily, Tom, and Tina and shows some examples of how Emily interacts with the world around her. It also introduces The Emily Talks, which will be expanded upon greatly in the full film. Footage still needs to be professionally color-corrected and graded, sound mixed, and stabilized. Essentially, this six-minute sample is a brief entry into the Felters’ world and how they use that world to educate others, particularly first responders.

Learn more at www.teacherofpatience.com.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
I am a passionate freelance editor who never turns down a challenge. It all started with a Minecraft commentary YouTube channel I ran when I was 14 and, from there, I learned how to produce and edit all kinds of content including documentary and narrative films, commercial videos, promotional videos, educational content, compilations, fundraising campaign videos, ​social media videos, and more. There's no project, no subject matter, no objective I shy away from. Shoot me an email to discuss how I can best use my skills to realize your goals. Along with freelance video editing, I direct, produce, shoot, and edit documentary films about topics like mental health, gender and sexuality, disability, and other often-misunderstood subjects. My goal is to build people up by helping them feel heard. I focus on telling the stories of marginalized voices, and my aim is to foster empathy for those who are different from ourselves. I always end up learning something about myself by pursuing these stories. Let's talk! carmenvincentfilms@gmail.com more...

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