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THIS IS JUST THE TEASER - NOT THE MOVIE (The movie is going to have a 90min)

This is a documentary about Tomé, a 18yo boy who died after a lot of risk behavior and who left us a lot of his touching and sensitive writings about our society and how is being blinded with the norms, not letting people being who they really are. A documentary that will address topics such as adolescence, drugs and risk behavior, formal education, parent-child relationships and mourning.
The sentence in the end of the film teaser says "We are all born with wings but if they are being cut along the way when we reach adolescence we can fall while trying to fly.".
We are still in Pre-Production and I'm making the interviews to all the friends and family of Tomé to start making the script, it's my first feature film and all advice is welcome. What are the most important questions that you think I need to make myself to have a good documentary script? Any tips on writing a documentary script?
My background is from fiction film so I want to mix both, not in the story, the story is 100% real, but I want to make beautiful and symbolic reenacts of Tomé's story like it's in the teaser, in this teaser I made a symbolic reenact of his death, Tomé died in a fall from a building. What do you think about it?

2560 Torres Vedras, Portugal
My name is Joana Maria, I was born in 1987, in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Ever since a small child, I was always been in touch with the arts, through the paintings and writing of my mother and theatre and music of my older sister. I found my path when I initiated the adventure of studying cinema, attending the Universidade LusOfona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, in Lisbon. It was there where I discovered my love in writing, directing, editing and photography. I completed my training with courses in Brussels, Cologne and Budapest specializing in directing which gave me the opportunity to direct my first financed fiction short film - WE ARE DESPERATE - by Europe Media Program and consequently my first short documentary - LIKE A TREE - shot in China by invitation of the program Looking China 2015. I also ventured into an artistic residence in Barcelona - DYF: Design Your Future - which motivated me even more to use my art in favor of social activism and later was really important in the making of the video - SEE ACTIONS. NOT COLORS. - which I created as a student as part of an awareness campaign for inclusion and won two prizes, one by the Council of Europe and another not Plural + organized by the United Nations. Nowadays already with a few short-films directed and written by me - including the award-winning short fiction films "OOBE", "WE ARE DESPERATE" and "SEE ACTIONS. NOT COLOURS." - I'm still working really hard to provoke emotions and tell stories, either with still or moving images. more...

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