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Taking time to adjust to the changing times as filmmakers storytellers and digital content creators, we need to adopt ways to generate more income for ourselves through our content. Personal branding, the craft of storytelling and the mastery of selling all play a big role in building a business model around your content. This presentation is a simplified guide. Make your presence on social media count, make money in the process.

I am a filmmaker, digital content creator & trainer. I use my skills, knowledge & expertise to create content and train others to create content, and understand how to leverage their online engagement and social media platforms. I started off my career working as a production assistant, a role that opened me up to numerous opportunities working under various production units. The skills, and knowledge gained over the years have played a big role in developing and mastering my craft. I am now the founder of Dive Productions, my specialty is in Producing, Directing, Scriptwriting, and Digital Content Creation and Training. more...

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