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I believe that fantasy has the ability to impact people in a way that subverts what is expected and opens minds to new possibilities. With Symbiosis, I focused on the internal struggle between a man and his need to fit in, which was personified by The Monster. While imaginary friends may disappear as one gets older, the voice in your head telling you to do something out of the ordinary should always be given an outlet. This story personified my personal experience about how it feels to be expressive in a world with strict rules and established expectations.

Claire Loudis (she/her) is a Producer & Director from San Diego, California. Obsessed with all things narrative from a young age, I was in elementary school when she saw the film Super 8, which inspired me to begin making short films. Flash forward a few years and I graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Film Production, specializing in Directing. I've worked for production companies in Tokyo, Seoul, and Los Angeles since, and think that learning about international film production is incredibly important. I love the form of music videos for their ability to form inspiration, ingenuity, and creativity within filmmaking. When I tell stories, I am drawn to fantasy and magical realism as a way to create metaphors for lived experiences. While what I write my seem otherworldly, it is always grounded in the relationships I have had myself. By fantasizing them, I'm able to be more truthful with both myself and others. more...

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