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I went to shoot a stray dog and her puppies. I got the footage on two weeks. However, some of the footage ended up with a hair on the sensor (completely my fault).

This footage is essentially unusable, but I felt it was a waste to delete it. So, I edit it to tell a little story of the Dogs and a guy trying to feed them (me).

Manama, Bahrain
I'm a cinematographer and filmmaker. I work in live broadcast, and freelance on the side. My end game goal is to produce, DP, and direct movies within a community. I'm happy to wear different hats and can be pretty flexible. I studied graphic design, then worked as a designer and a freelance illustrator/ fine artist. Until summer 2017, when I switched to broadcast camera work and filmmaking. Now, I shoot whenever I can, and wonder why I didn't get into this sooner. more...

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