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Speed Queen 51 was born out of a desire for simplicity—to craft a single tense and engaging scene. My goal was to present two morally ambiguous characters and resolves their situation without drawing a clear ethical winner. Cory and June are both looking to escape their lives and rid themselves of a persistent feeling of dissatisfaction; they’re also both people who, to an extent, believe themselves better than their surroundings. This dichotomy between a genuine, wholesome need to connect and dark, desperate self-preservation is what takes these characters on a journey from approachable strangers to their darkest selves.

New York, NY, USA
I am a screenwriter and director who enjoys examining female relationships and toying with absurdism in my films. I was born and raised in Paris, France, and have a BFA in film and television from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. I often work as a story consultant on pilots and features, and I've have written several short and feature films of my own. I'm currently working on a couple of shorts, editing a documentary, and writing the script for my debut feature! more...

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