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I think I've touched this script about 6 times. I'm going to be touching it once more on the ending, but... writers! I'd like to submit this to a few places, and eventually make it into a short film. I'd like to get feedback on if it's dynamic, if it's interesting, if the dialogue works, and if the tone and intention is clear

The story is about a couple trying to make it work after a horrific incident tears them apart. I got the idea from a song actually, and what happens when people have to grieve in a relationship. It's something everyone's gone through, or will go through. And like everyone, it's handled differently from person to person

Thank you for all feedback on this. It's appreciated

New York, NY, USA
I'm an actress and writer. I'm just starting out. Just finished my first of two years at Stella Adler Evening Conservatory. I've been writing for a few years, but I've been taking it seriously over the last two. Acting and writing are two things I'd do even if I knew nothing would come of it. I love them, they allow me to breath and reach for more. I'm looking forward to meeting other talented individuals and sharing work with them more...

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