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An homage to a B-Horror film I saw when I was 6 years old but reinvented to send a powerful message about a real disease.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Dilia Oviedo Luciano is a multidisciplinary artist from Dominican Republic. Although new to filmmaking and certain production aspects of it, Dilia has had a long career spanning more than a decade in the art of still photography, their work focuses on what they call the 'psychological portrait' an idea in which the still is supposed to reflect the inner psyche of the subject and allow us a glimpse inside their emotional world. It is because of this emotional search that a few years ago while finding themselves at a crossroads with photography, that Dilia decided to embark on the learning journey of screenwriting, something which allowed them to further develop as an artist and person and also brought to life a myriad of stories and characters which they are now working hard to produce in the form of short films, music videos, series and feature films.

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