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Official video for Nicotine Dolls song "Should Have Danced". We had a 2 day shoot and a budget of $100. The idea was a that feeling of approaching that person you see in passing and you are struck. That approach can sometimes feel like it can go for days and miles.

New York, NY, USA
I grew up in the Disney town of Celebration, Florida. I left school at 17 to become a rock star (didn't work). At 19 I lived as a piano player in Las Vegas before moving to NYC to do the rock star thing again (still working on it). After a quick stint touring with a broadway musical and doing theatre for a few years I started making movies and that turned out to be a lot of fun and I really like it. So now I make movies with my friends under OutaLine Productions and also still trying to do the rock star thing (it's a slow burn). more...

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