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This is the beginning of a story about my Great-Great Grandfather, who helped save the buffalo from extinction by capturing, and raising buffalo calves in the early 1900’s. His herd became the family that is now considered the last genetically “pure” wild buffalo herd in North America. This herd lives in Yellowstone National Park, and is in danger of becoming extinct.
My journey to save the buffalo is a personal story of waking in my grandfathers footsteps, a hundred years later. Only I’m not a rancher, and I will have to use filmmaking to try and save them this time.

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Concordia Studio Artist-in-Residence. 2017 Sundance Institute Producer’s Fellow. 2016 Redford Center Grantee. I’m an erolled member of the Colville Confederated Tribes, designing stories that blur the lines between modernity and traditionalism for the betterment of the “New American West.” more...

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