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A college love affair.

Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Born in Concord, North Carolina and raised on the Avett Brothers. Grant is an Alum from the UNC School of the Arts Filmmaking program. He was a production intern at the 2018 Sundance Directors Lab and a Driver at the 2019 Sundance Theater and Producers Lab. Grant has written and directed several short films: "Pigeonhearts" (2016) starring Academy Award Nominee Lucas Hedges, "Where Mothbloods Bloom" (2017) premiered at the Austin Film Festival and was a finalist for the 2018 Sundance Ignite Challenge now available on the PBS program Film School Shorts, "Alma" (2018) premiered at the Indie Grits Film Festival and won Best Narrative Short Film at the Visions 9 Film Festival. He is currently producing Saad Qureshi's second feature film "He, She, It, Cowboy" and writing two feature scripts with his brother Adam. "The Other Side of The Night" and "Night Lillies" more...

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