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This short film is the prologue and epilogue to my thriller feature film script "If You're Scared..." It began with the simple premise, "If 3 people sat on a plane, what would happen if one was the devil?" It took me back to the classic Twilight Zone when William Shatner sees a gargoyle on the wing. I embellished the idea through various settings. This is one common setting.

As for me, I didn't realize the creativity inside of me until I pursed life as an actuary and a financial planner prior to that. Decades passed before I was told that my grandmother who raised me was the only black photographer in our town during the 40s and 50s. Then, I noticed hundreds of photos that I took in high school and at The University of Texa. I missed the opportunity to study filmmaking at one of the most prestigious film programs around. Therefore, I provide youth with opportunities to learn media arts earlier in life than I did.

Tieuel Legacy
Houston, TX, USA
One of the only filmmakers that you will meet with an actuarial background. I love documentary filmmaking. Also love to write thrillers.

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