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Maggie meets a new client who has unrealistic expectations.


Katherine Damigos - Maggie
Arik Hartman - Mr. Dough
Kathy Jenkins - Mrs. Potter

Antonia Roman - Producer, Director, Writer
Dave Kratz - Director of Photography
Jamal Curtis Jones - Editor
Deitra Oliver - Art Director

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Antonia is a Producer and Director, Native New Yorker now living in Los Angeles, CA. She founded That's So Funny Entertainment in 2014 and continues to bring creative ideas to life. Her credits include: Hollywood Tale, Colorblind, The NJ Real Estate Show, The Precious Lamb of God. Antonia is the Producer on the Feature Film "The Racists" slated for April 2019. She is also currently in development for a Webseries and a Drama TV Series. Her background experience is also in the Music Industry and Theater. She loves to help others as she helps herself. more...

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