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SHORT SHORTS is based on my formative teen years growing up in Winter Springs, Florida. Short shorts and bikinis were everywhere. I realized clothes weren’t just a form of self-expression - they were a way to fit in. I set out to create a story about an Arab-American Muslim teen trying to form her own identity outside of her home life and separate from the pressures of her peers. As Fatima attempts to balance two expectations, she settles into a routine that fulfills neither. She doesn’t know what she wants or who she is just yet -and that’s okay.

Karina Dandashi
Karina Dandashi is a Syrian-American filmmaker born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from New York University and has worked in acquisitions, development, and production at companies such as A24, Viacom Media Networks, and Topic Studios (First Look Media). Karina is passionate about woman-driven stories that explore identity through the intersection of family, religion, and culture in Arab and Muslim communities. Karina is the Spring 2020 Silver Sun Diverse Voices Filmmaker Fellow at the Jacob Burns Film Center.

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