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To some February 13th is a day of unrivaled bravery and glory; but for those who seized the Allen Building to force Duke University to respond to the needs of its Black students, it quickly turns into a nightmare as the looming threat of police intervention and rising tensions within the group test their resolve.

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Fueled by her interest in history, technology, perception, movement, and our relationship with one another and with nature, Bruklyn aims to bring life to essential aspects of the African American experience — an experience that transcends the trials and tribulations Black people face. In her eyes, the elements listed above hold the wisdom that we need to imagine new worlds that not only transitions ideologies and norms, but creates possibilities and potential. Through mingling the voices of men, women and even ghosts, Bruklyn’s work is a place where myth, magic and superstition are inextricably intertwined with everyday verities.

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