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A woman's day is interrupted by the presence of an unwelcome guest.

Atlanta, GA, USA
Ryan Henry Knight is a 20-year-old award-winning filmmaker from Virginia, currently working and attending school in Atlanta, Georgia. His work has screened in festivals across the globe, such as the BAFTA recognized Aesthetica Film Festival. He has won awards for both screenwriting and directing at international festivals and competitions, including Best Short Screenplay at the New York International Screenplay Awards and The Golden Script Competition. In April 2019, his meditative film "Ludere" received an Honorable Mention for Best Student Director at the Independent Shorts Awards. The film was deemed "a highly distinctive piece of experimental cinema" by Movies Brand and NoBudge founder, Kentucker Audley. Most recently, Ryan took home the award for Best Director at the Trinity Film Festival for his film "You Almost Saw Me." Fusing drama, psychological horror, and experimental filmmaking techniques, Ryan's work is known for telling dark, tragic stories that are a reflection of our political and social climate. more...

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