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Fifteen years after the brutal murder of her mother, Lauren struggles to lead a normal life. To process the past, she decides to participate in a virtual reality therapy session meant to bring back grieving memories. Yet, an insidious monster awaits in the shadows of her childhood home, and Lauren will have to learn how to face her fears to uncover the truth and find peace.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Born and raised in Italy, Nick quickly became fascinated with movies at an early age, and has embraced filmmaking as his primary storytelling tool to bring heartfelt and visually-powerful stories to life. Primarily drawn to sci-fi and drama, Nick puts ordinary characters into surreal situations, bringing their psyche to life using fantasy elements. As a director and cinematographer, his goal is to provide the audience with a highly captivating experience through detailed world-building and alluring visuals. His current portfolio includes 40+ projects ranging from narrative and experimental work, to music videos and commercials. more...

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