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"This documentary" narrates the remarkable life of a resilient young woman who battled blindness from birth, compounded by the loss of her father. Facing societal pressures, she endured a violent marriage but clung to her dream of experiencing train travel, a feat unimaginable for someone who had never seen a railway. Overcoming societal stereotypes, she mastered Braille and secured a job in the railway industry. Despite adversity, she embraced life's possibilities, challenging perceptions and proving that determination can triumph over limitations. Her journey inspires, highlighting the indomitable human spirit and the power of perseverance.

Aryan Kumar, a budding filmmaker from Patna, Bihar, began his journey in storytelling through children's theatre, fostering creative thinking and cultural understanding. Inspired by a filmmaking workshop at Kilkari Bihar Bal Bhawan, he produced short films, earning accolades at prestigious festivals such as IFFI Goa and the National Science Film Festival. Notably, his films "Lucky" and "Idol Immersion" received awards for their excellence. Beyond his achievements, Aryan is dedicated to empowering aspiring filmmakers, conducting workshops with UNICEF to share essential skills and foster creativity. His leadership shines through in resolving conflicts during collaborative projects, ensuring success while focusing on learning and inclusivity. Aryan's trajectory from theatre to filmmaking highlights his dedication to storytelling and commitment to nurturing talent in the cinematic arts. As a first-year undergraduate student of Mass Communication at Patna College, Aryan's passion for exploration and learning continues to drive his pursuit of a successful career in cinema. more...

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